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Traffic Fines Articles

Fines blunder

Police are contacting thousands of motorists booked for traffic infringements but not told where the offences had occurred.

MP's traffic woes not forgotten

The radio jock Ray Hadley entered the battle for Kogarah yesterday, telling listeners of 2GB that Labor's MP, Cherie Burton, had been in a traffic accident and received a police infringement notice. The accusation followed revelations in August that Burton had been convicted of a driving offence. She kept more


If there was a theme this week, it was something like despair. The subjects were diverse: the state's planning laws; the sentencing of Stern Hu; the travails of families with intellectually disabled children; the Max

And another thing...

CALL a spade a spade. Power companies are robbing the taxpayer. Taxpayers have to feel the heat, but the shareholders get off scot free. Lachlan Simpson, East Melbourne


Aggravating musical chairs